Woman Invites Man She Met Online to Her Home, Then Finds His Photo at a Cemetery Before His Arrival — Story of the Day

Margaret, a lonely career woman, eagerly awaits the arrival of Colin, a man she met online. Hours before he is due, a friend leads her to a cemetery where she sees a photo of Colin on a grave. Is Colin really who he claims to be?

Margaret always kept her home immaculate, filling the void in her life. Despite a successful career, personal happiness eluded her. She feared finding a partner at 45 was impossible. When she met Colin online, she lied about her age, telling him she was 30.

They agreed to meet, but just before his arrival, Margaret got a call from her friend Alice, who needed help. At the cemetery, Margaret was shocked to see Colin’s photo on a grave. Confused, she returned home to await Colin, unsure of what to believe.

When Colin arrived, he admitted he used someone else’s photo because he was anxious about his appearance. Margaret also confessed her age deception. Realizing they both hid their true selves out of fear, they decided to start anew, promising honesty and a genuine connection.


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