Our Granddaughter Demanded We Give Her Our Villa as It Was Nicer despite Us Paying for Vacation – I Taught Her a Lesson

My plan to treat my grandkids to a luxurious family vacation took an unexpected turn when one of my granddaughters demanded the grandest accommodation. I decided to take the unconventional route to teach her a memorable lesson.

My husband John and I, who’ve been pretty lucky in life, wanted to do something special for our family. Our granddaughter Robin got married recently, and we thought, “Why not celebrate with a big family vacation?” So, we picked Bora Bora, a dream destination for many. We booked three bungalows for the grandkids and their families and a big villa for ourselves.

The bungalows were nice, but our villa was paradise – 4,000 square feet with a sauna, pool, and slide into the ocean. Trouble started when my other granddaughter Jenny mentioned our slide at dinner. Robin, who hadn’t seen the villa yet, demanded it, saying, “You expect us to live like peasants while you have a 4000 sq ft villa with a sauna and pool? I want it!”

I tried explaining the value of family time over room size, but she stormed off, threatening to leave. John suggested giving in, but I decided to stand firm, believing it was a chance to teach her a lesson. The next morning, I told everyone that if Robin and her husband wanted to leave, I’d respect their decision and even help them find a flight back.

Robin was shocked when I said I’d already booked their flight. After they left, the family came together, and the trip became more enjoyable without the drama. We learned that sometimes, standing your ground is more valuable than giving in to unreasonable demands.


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