My Husband’s Female Best Friend Insisted on Hosting My Baby Shower – I Gave Her a Reality Check

Ever since we announced my pregnancy, Avery, my husband’s best friend, has overwhelmed us with unsolicited advice. Her insistence on hosting the baby shower was the last straw, so I decided to teach her a lesson.

Avery and Scott met at work, and we all got along initially. But once we announced the pregnancy, Avery’s advice became overwhelming. “Jean shouldn’t be eating that,” she would text Scott. It felt intrusive.

Avery’s pushiness escalated when she insisted on hosting the baby shower, despite my polite decline. She showed up uninvited with decorations and a menu, saying, “I know what’s best for you and the baby.”

On the day of the shower, we secretly had the event at a different location. Avery decorated our place beautifully, but no one showed up. We sent her a cupcake and a photo of us enjoying the real shower, leaving her furious. Later, she confronted us, revealing her long-hidden feelings for Scott. “I’ve been in love with you for years!” she admitted.

Scott stood by me, affirming our love and setting boundaries with Avery. She left our lives, and a few months later, we welcomed our healthy baby, stronger and more united than ever.


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