I Visited My Husband’s University Class – When I Saw My Face on His Lecture Slide, I Gasped

When I decided to surprise my husband, Mark, a psychology professor, by delivering his forgotten lunch, I never expected to uncover a nightmare. Seeing my face on his lecture slide, described in humiliating terms, shattered my trust in our ten-year marriage.

Mark had forgotten his lunch again, and I thought delivering it would brighten his day. Instead, I found myself sitting at the back of his lecture hall, witnessing a shocking revelation. Mark used me in his experiment on false memory implantation without my consent, showing a video of me recounting a fake childhood memory he had planted in my mind.

When I confronted Mark in front of his students, his response was dismissive. “You should be honored to take part in such a wonderful process of educating,” he said. I felt betrayed and humiliated. “You used me without my consent. You made me question my own mind,” I retorted.

Our marriage was built on trust, which Mark shattered. As I walked out, I wondered if our relationship could survive this betrayal.


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