I Told My Date about My Specific 3-Year-Rule, but He Immediately Left and Blocked Me – Is It Really That Weird?

Addison’s life revolves around her demanding job as a neurologist, leaving little time for romance. When her cheerful coworker Nathan sets her up on a blind date with a seemingly perfect guy named Jake, she finally feels a spark of hope. However, after Addison shares her three-year dating rule, her date abruptly leaves. What went wrong?

I always thought my life would stay the same. Day in and day out, the hospital consumed all my time. My name is Addison, and I work as a neurologist. It’s a fulfilling job, but it leaves little room for anything else, especially dating.

One day, while grabbing a quick coffee in the break room, my coworker Nathan walked in with a bright smile on his face. “How do you feel about blind dates?” Nathan asked. “I think you and my friend Jake would hit it off.”

Intrigued by the idea, I agreed to the date. On Tuesday night, I arrived at the quaint restaurant Nathan had suggested. Jake was easy to talk to, and we quickly found common ground.

As the evening went on, Jake asked, “How about your one-to-five-year plan? What are your goals?” I explained my three-year dating rule. Jake’s friendly expression changed to a frown. “Three years? That’s a long time. What if someone wants a quicker timeline?”

Feeling a knot in my stomach, I reiterated my belief in building a strong relationship. Abruptly, Jake called for the check and left. Stunned, I later messaged him, only to be blocked with a curt reply: “You’re indecisive and not serious about what you want.”

Confused and hurt, I sought solace from my best friend, Sophie. She reassured me, “Everyone has their own timeline and needs. If he couldn’t appreciate that, he wasn’t the right guy for you.”

Reflecting on the evening, I realized that being honest about my expectations is crucial, even if it means losing a date like Jake.


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