I Booked a $2,000 Rental for a Group Trip, but No One Paid Me Back Their Share of the Cost – They Didn’t Get Away with It

Sarah’s excitement for the annual girls’ weekend getaway turned to frustration when her friends dodged paying their share of the $2,000 cabin rental. She planned the perfect spot—a cozy cabin by a sparkling lake, costing $250 each for the eight friends.

Initially, everyone agreed to pay before the trip. “Thanks for taking care of that,” Mary said. But as the trip approached, the excuses started. “My car needs new brakes,” Mary said. Brittany and Melissa also delayed their payments. Radio silence from Ella, Dana, and Lisa followed.

Feeling used, Sarah decided to teach them a lesson. The night before the trip, she texted, “Can’t wait to see you all at the cabin tomorrow!” She prepped the cabin, stocked it with snacks, then left with the keys. As her friends arrived, they found themselves locked out. “Did you forget something?” Mary asked.

Sarah replied calmly, “I’m happy to come back once everyone has paid their share.” Payments quickly rolled in. The weekend had tension but ended with a newfound respect. “Seriously, Sarah, I’m so sorry,” Mary apologized. The experience brought clarity to their friendships.


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